Hi, I’m Sara.
I’m a motion designer and art director, currently working at TikTok. UCLA alumna, gardening enthusiast, avid reader. Living in Los Angeles, California.


We make innovative effects and creative tools to help TikTok users around the world express themselves.

PROJECT: Highlights from the 85+ effects I have made for TikTok so far.

 ROLE: Main designer for all effects pictured. This typically includes pitching a concept or responding to a brief, art direction, visual design, motion design, collaboration with engineers, playtesting, collaboration with QA, PR, and Legal.

PROJECT: We created a new system of animated UI prompts to increase user comprehension and engagement with creation tools in-app. 

 ROLE: Concepts, motion design, AB testing, iteration.
In collaboration with UI designer teammate.

PROJECT: Highlighting a sliver of the varied types of users and use cases we design for. 

 ROLE: Main designer for all effects pictured.

PROJECT: Brands come to TikTok to advertise and build engagement.
Some commission custom branded effects to increase brand awareness and encourage users to post organic content. 

TEAM: North American Effects Team / User Experience Design department

 ROLE: Specified in video per project, but typically motion design and UX refinements to help the client’s vision work within the technical constraints of the app. 


What if there were tools that knew you have better things to do? Welcome to WeTransfer. Please Leave.

CLIENT: WeTransfer

TEAM: Made at Stink Studios. Production: Iliana Hekimian, Paul Muhlbach
Creative: Yego Moravia, Steven Olimpio, Sara Haas, Matthew Hollis

 ROLE: motion design, art direction, social design


For WeTransfer’s first-ever brand campaign, we celebrated the creativity of their users with a simple message:
You make. We transfer.

CLIENT: WeTransfer

TEAM: Made at Stink Studios. Production: Jacinte Faria, Sean Quinn.
Creative: Yego Moravia, Tim Blount, Steven Olimpio, Sara Haas.

 ROLE: motion design, social design, art direction



We created an interactive web experience for the 40th anniversary of the Golden Record, sponsored by WeTransfer.

CLIENT: WeTransfer

TEAM: Made at Stink Studios. Production: Jacinte Faria, Sean Quinn.
Creative: Yego Moravia, Emil Karlsson, Nick Fearnley, Sara Haas, Ian Watt

 ROLE: visual design, interaction design, motion design


We created a social campaign starring A$AP Ferg and James Harden to help Beats by Dre introduce a line of limited-edition headphones.

CLIENT: Beats by Dre

TEAM: Steven Olimpio, Yego Moravia, Ian Watt: Creative;
Omid Fatemi, Anneliese Sloves: Production;

 ROLE: motion design, video editing & vfx


Beautycounter is an industry-leading clean beauty brand. We highlighted their ethos on topics ranging from safer ingredients, to legislative advocacy, and ethical supply chain practices in a series of social films.

CLIENT: Beautycounter

TEAM: Yego Moravia, Sara Haas, Emil Karlsson, Sarah Zoraya: Creative;
John Mendoza: Production.

ROLE: motion design, visual design, art direction



We helped WeTransfer extend the reach of an arts activism festival from DTLA to the world.

CLIENT: WeTransfer

TEAM: Yego Moravia, Steven Olimpio, Sara Haas: Creative;
Sean Quinn: Production.

ROLE: social design, motion design


We created a global, cooperative, mini-game for a 10-week Pokémon marathon on live-streaming platform Twitch.

CLIENT: Twitch

TEAM: Made at Stink Studios. Production: John Mendoza, Paul Muhlbach.
Creative: Tim Blount, Sara Haas, Jules Kris. Development: Mick Coelho, Will Kent-Daggett.

 ROLE: visual design, interaction design, motion design


We developed a social campaign to help the Los Angeles County Museum of Art drive traffic to their cutting-edge exhibit, 3D: Double Vision.


TEAM: Made at Stink Studios. Production: Anneliese Sloves.
Creative: Yego Moravia, Sara Haas, Jules Kris, Esther Park, Habin Koh. Development: Will Kent-Daggett.

 ROLE: social design, motion design, art direction


Things to do at 3am is an ambient, choose-your-own-adventure style video game set in the liminal spaces of the very early morning.

Score by Nate Schwartz

Special thanks to Chandler McWilliams

 Exhibited at the New Wight Gallery, Summer 2017


Strata is a mixed-media video installation about gaining the vocabulary necessary for positive growth and self-acceptance.

Special thanks to Tuang T., curator

 Exhibited at Open Plan Collective, Summer 2019


Contact Sheet is a 10+ years running film photography project. From Tomball, TX to London, England, my friends and I came of age on 35mm.

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